Dressing the bridal party is an essential aspect of wedding planning that contributes significantly to the overall aesthetic of your big day. Coordinating bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits not only enhances the visual appeal of your wedding photos but also reflects the wedding’s theme and color palette. In this two-part series, we’ll explore creative and stylish ideas for dressing bridesmaids and groomsmen, ensuring a cohesive and elegant look for your wedding party. 

Bridesmaid Dresses: Coordinating with Style

When selecting bridesmaid dresses, consider the wedding palette and how the colors complement the primary wedding colors. A popular trend is to have coordinating bridesmaid dresses in different shades of the same color or in a monochromatic look. This approach allows each bridesmaid to choose a dress that suits her style while maintaining a consistent look. For a more modern and effortless look, consider dresses in different styles but made from the same fabric type. This ensures that the bridesmaids feel extra special and comfortable in their outfits. Remember to consider the season and ceremony space when choosing fabric and dress length. 

Groomsmen Suits: Matching the Groom’s Outfit

Groomsmen suits should complement the groom’s outfit and the wedding’s overall theme. A general rule is to have the groomsmen wear suits in the same color as the groom but with differentiating details like a bow tie, pocket square, or vest. For a more relaxed and beach wedding, lighter fabrics and colors like navy blue or grey are ideal. In winter weddings, darker shades and heavier fabrics are more appropriate. Coordinating the groomsmen’s ties or bow ties with the bridesmaids’ dresses is a subtle yet effective way to create a cohesive look across the wedding party. 

Adding Personal Touches to Bridesmaids’ Outfits

Personalizing bridesmaids’ outfits adds a unique touch to the wedding. Consider adding accessories like patterned sashes, statement jewelry, or even fun footwear to bring an extra layer of style and personality to their look. For beach weddings, accessories like sea glass necklaces or flower crowns can complement the natural setting. In more formal weddings, elegant clutches and sophisticated hair accessories can elevate the bridesmaids’ attire. Encourage bridesmaids to choose accessories that reflect their personality while staying within the wedding’s color scheme. 

Dressing the Bridal Party

Groomsmen Accessories: Beyond the Basics

Groomsmen accessories are a great way to add visual interest and personality to their outfits. Beyond the classic bow tie and pocket square, consider items like patterned socks, cufflinks, or even suspenders to add a touch of the groomsmen’s personality. Matching the groomsmen’s accessories with the wedding’s secondary accent colors can create a super stylish and cohesive look. For a more casual wedding, groomsmen can opt for accessories that are less formal but still maintain a crisp and coordinated appearance.  

Embracing Color and Pattern in Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, playing with color and pattern can add a dynamic visual element to your wedding. Instead of sticking to a single shade, consider using a palette of complementary colors or even a particular print that ties in with your wedding theme. This approach allows each bridesmaid to wear a color or pattern that suits her, while still maintaining a cohesive look. For a more adventurous bridal party, mixing and matching patterns like florals and stripes can create an eye-catching and unique ensemble. Always remember to balance these variations with the primary wedding colors to maintain harmony in the overall wedding aesthetic. 

Coordinating Groomsmen Suits with the Wedding Theme

Groomsmen suits should ideally reflect the wedding theme and color palette. For formal events, classic black or charcoal suits with a crisp white shirt are a timeless choice. In more casual or outdoor weddings, lighter shades like tan or light grey can offer a relaxed yet polished look. For a cohesive appearance, groomsmen can match their tie or pocket square to the bridesmaids’ dresses or the wedding’s secondary colors. In beach weddings, linen suits in light colors paired with a relaxed shirt can perfectly capture the laid-back vibe. It’s also popular for groomsmen to wear the same suit in different styles, allowing each individual’s personality to shine through while maintaining a consistent look. 

Dressing the Bridal Party

Accessorizing Bridesmaids for Added Elegance

Accessories can transform a bridesmaid’s look from simple to stunning. Consider elegant pieces like pearl earrings or delicate bracelets that complement the dress style and add a touch of sophistication. For a more thematic approach, accessories can reflect the wedding’s setting; for instance, nautical-themed jewelry for a beach wedding or rustic, bohemian pieces for an outdoor ceremony. Another idea is to gift bridesmaids with their accessories as a thank-you for their involvement in your special day. This not only ensures a coordinated look but also adds a personal touch to their ensemble. 

Personalizing Groomsmen Attire

Personalizing groomsmen attire can add individuality to their look while keeping in line with the wedding’s overall style. Custom cufflinks, unique tie clips, or even personalized pocket squares can make each groomsman’s outfit special. For a fun twist, groomsmen can wear socks in bold patterns or colors that reflect their personality or hobbies. This adds an element of surprise and fun to the formal attire. Another idea is to have groomsmen wear different styles of the same color suit, allowing them to choose a cut and fit that they feel most comfortable in, while still looking unified as a group. 


Dressing your bridal party is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your wedding’s style and theme. Whether you opt for classic elegance or bold and unique ensembles, the key is to ensure that both bridesmaids and groomsmen feel confident and comfortable in their attire. By carefully selecting dresses, suits, and accessories that reflect the wedding’s color palette and theme, you can create a visually stunning and harmonious look for your bridal party. Remember, these are the people who will stand by your side on one of the most important days of your life, so their outfits should be a reflection of your appreciation and the joy of the occasion.