Bridal showers are an exciting event for a bride-to-be and her friends and family. These celebrations are often filled with games, gifts, and laughter. One popular game played at bridal showers is the ‘Right Left’ game.

This game is a fun and interactive way to get guests involved and create a sense of community amongst those attending. The ‘Right Left’ game involves passing a small gift or prize around a circle of guests while a story is read aloud.

The story includes the words ‘right’ and ‘left’ multiple times, and when each word is mentioned, the guests either pass the gift to the right or left. The guest holding the gift at the end of the story gets to keep it.

This game is not only entertaining but also a great way to break the ice and get guests interacting with one another. In this article, we will explore how to play the ‘Right Left’ game in detail, including variations of the game and the benefits of playing it.

How to Play the ‘Right Left’ Bridal Shower Game

To facilitate the ‘Right Left’ bridal shower game, participants are instructed to pass a wrapped gift to the left or right based on the cues provided in a pre-written story.

The game rules are simple: participants sit in a circle and pass the gift around as the story is read aloud. Each time the word ‘left’or ‘right’is mentioned, the gift is passed accordingly. The story is designed to be silly and lighthearted, making for a fun and engaging game that is sure to get everyone laughing.

As for gift ideas, it is recommended to select items that are useful, practical, and/or humorous. Some popular options include kitchen gadgets, fun desk accessories, or unique household items.

Overall, the ‘Right Left’ bridal shower game is a great way to break the ice and get everyone involved in the festivities.

Variations of the Game

Different adaptations of the Right Left Bridal Shower Game can add a unique twist to the traditional version, providing an enjoyable experience for all participants.

Popular themes like Disney or Harry Potter can add an extra layer of excitement and make the game even more memorable.

Customization options are also endless, allowing hosts to tailor the game to the bride’s interests or the overall theme of the shower.

For example, hosts can use the bride’s favorite songs or movies in the game or create a version that incorporates inside jokes among the guests.

These variations not only make the game more entertaining but also create a sense of camaraderie among the guests as they work together to navigate the twists and turns of the activity.

Benefits of Playing the ‘Right Left’ Bridal Shower Game

Playing variations of the popular bridal shower game can foster a sense of community among guests and provide a unique and enjoyable experience for all involved. Bridal shower icebreakers such as the ‘Right Left’ game can create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that encourages guests to interact with one another.

The game also serves as an excellent party game idea as it can be easily adapted to fit the theme of the bridal shower and can accommodate a large group of participants. Moreover, the game helps guests get to know each other and break down social barriers, which is especially beneficial when guests may not know each other very well.

Overall, incorporating the ‘Right Left’ game or other variations of bridal shower games can enhance the bridal shower experience and create lasting memories for the bride-to-be and her guests.


The ‘Right Left’ Bridal Shower Game is a fun and interactive activity that can be played at any bridal shower. The game involves passing a gift to the left or right depending on certain cues given in a story. This game encourages creativity and engagement among guests, making it a great icebreaker activity.

Variations of the game can include customizing the story to fit the bride’s interests or adding in additional challenges such as a time limit or penalties for incorrect passing.

Playing this game can also benefit the bride by helping her get to know her guests better and breaking the ice between guests who may not know each other well.

Overall, the ‘Right Left’ Bridal Shower Game is a fun and entertaining activity that is sure to be a hit at any bridal shower.