What should you do to thank your wedding photographer after they have done an amazing job capturing the memories of your big day? One option is to feed them! This blog post discusses if it is appropriate or not, and provides tips on how you can show appreciation for their work.

It’s not uncommon for couples to want to show their appreciation by offering a meal or snack after the wedding. However, there are many different opinions on whether this is appropriate. This article will discuss if it should be done and provide tips on how you can thank your photographer in other ways without feeding them.

Is It Appropriate to Feed Your Wedding Photographer?

There are some major issues with this idea, including the fact that many people have food allergies or dietary restrictions and you wouldn’t want to cause anyone any unnecessary discomfort during what is supposed to be an enjoyable time for all involved.

While most photographers understand that they won’t be fed during the wedding day, most will expect to be offered something after. A meal is a nice gesture and you can make it part of your gift to them or an offering to contribute toward their costs such as gas for travel if reimbursement isn’t included in the contract.

If you do decide that feeding your photographer is the best way to show your appreciation, here are some tips for how you can make it a success.

  • Choose food that is easy to eat while standing up and walking around with ease so they don’t have an accident on their camera or lenses.
  • Make sure there is something for everyone including vegetarians, vegans, etc.
  • Don’t make them eat alone, invite everyone to join in on the fun!
  • Provide plates and utensils if needed.
  • Offer several options including simple finger food like cheese cubes or fruit along with more substantial fare like chicken wings or mini burgers.

It may seem trivial but you should know that it is a big deal to many photographers so you should do everything in your power not to make it a negative experience. As long as you follow these tips, there shouldn’t be any issues and everyone will have a good time.

Where Does the Wedding Photographer Sit During Dinner?

The photographer should sit so that he/she is positioned in an area where the camera is able to capture all of the guests seated down for dinner. This will ensure that they are able to get photos of everyone’s faces and their expressions. Normally, the bride and groom will be sitting at one end of the table with their parents opposite them.

Where Can I Put My Wedding Photographer?

The wedding photographer has a difficult job during the wedding because they need to be close enough to capture all of the moments but far enough away so as not to interfere with any part of the ceremony or reception. The best places for your photographer depend on what you want to be captured on film. If you do not want pictures containing lots of bodies like group shots, you can try having them sit with the parents of the bride and groom during dinner. If you want to ensure they get nice pictures of your guests, ask them to take a seat where there is room for their equipment as well as somewhere that will allow them to stand up without obstructing anyone’s view or blocking others from getting around easily.

What Should I Feed the Wedding Photographer?


As we mentioned above, you should offer a meal or snack after your wedding that is easy to eat and does not require any special utensils. Finger foods like cheese cubes, fruit skewers with dipping sauces such as chocolate sauce for strawberries are always popular choices. Potato chips and pretzels tend to be go-to snacks but you can offer different selections that are nutritious to balance out any indulgence. You should also provide water or other non-alcoholic drinks for your guests so they don’t get dehydrated during the night’s festivities.

So Do You Give Your Wedding photographer a Meal?

It is up to preference if someone wants to feed their wedding photographer. While there are no etiquette rules about it, many will go ahead and offer snacks or meals to them after the wedding because they have a difficult job during the day that is stressful at times. It can be nice to treat your photographers well throughout their time with you!