Of course, you want to shine like a star at typical formal occasions, but this is not appropriate at a wedding! Here are some tips for what type of outfit to wear to your friends’ or family’s wedding celebration. The aim is to look gorgeous but still leave the spotlight for the bride on her very special day.

Avoid Wearing All Black or All White

It is common knowledge that black is a color not for a celebration, but for a funeral, and white is generally reserved for the bride only. By white we also mean: beige, white lace, off-white, cream, or any style (even in different colors) that is similar to a wedding dress.

Stick to the Dress Code

This should always be done out of respect for the groom and the bride. Trying to be different and creative for your friend’s wedding reception will not be appreciate no matter how fantastic you look at the ceremony.

Check out The Venue in Advance

You don’t want to wear your 6-inch Louboutin for a wedding party on the beach or even any form of heels at an outdoor wedding reception in a garden with potentially soft ground. Nice flat ballet shoes that match your dress or to accessories are going to be both more comfortable and more practical. Practicality is key. If the marriage cerebration is on a beach, make sure you don’t wear a long dress or a lightweight fabric skirt. You don’t want to get captured in a candid Marilyn Monroe shot by accident. Knowing the venue of the wedding and the reception will give you some clues as to appropriate attire to wear.

Don’t Dress like Wait Staff

This goes without saying, and applies to both men and women. You don’t want to be getting asked to top up people’s drinks all night by wedding guests you don’t know you! Don’t dress formally and boring in black and white, as is common with waiters and waitresses or you will regret it.

Don’t go too Casual

You don’t want to be the least-best dressed, even it’s a casual ceremony. Make an effort for this once-in-a-life-time event of the bride and the groom. They will have spent so much (too much in some cases) to arrange their wedding ceremony and you should be honoured they invited you! Dress up for the occasion and say no to trainers, jeans, t-shirts, or flipflops – even for a beach wedding, unless they specifically mention it on the invite.

Do Not go Over the Top.

Sequins, too colorful attire, animal prints, or weird runway designs will turn all eyes to you. A wedding is not that place to be standing out from the crowd. Keep this in mind when selecting your wedding clothing for the day.

Do Not Show Too Much Skin

A dress that reveals too much; such as a backless dress, or a very short dress, or too tight a skirt, can be inappropriate for this special occasion. The happy couple will not be happy if all guests pay more attention to your curves than to the beautiful bride.

It’s too late to be sexy. The groom has made his decision. An appropriate length for a skirt should be below your knees or just above. Your top should not reveal more than half of your cleavage. There is a thin line between classy to trashy. Keep it kosher.

If even after readying this you’re still unsure what to wear to the wedding ceremony and reception, ask your friends how they are dressing. They may give you some ideas and at least you’ll know what they are planning so can dress to a similar standard.