The most exciting things about a wedding – besides getting married – is getting dressed up in a beautiful gown! It can be quite a handful however, trying to preserve the dress after the big day, but it’s not impossible. We’re here to help you avoid the many things that could go horribly wrong. Below we’ve listed what you need to consider when storing your bridal attire. 

Firstly make sure your wedding dress has been washed properly before storing it, also make sure if there are stains on the dress, they are professionally removed before putting it into storage. Fabrics that are used to make wedding gowns are different from our everyday clothes. If stains or contaminants are left to sit on the dress before it goes into storage you might get a nasty surprise when you pull it out again in a few months or years time! 

Store your dress away from sunlight, anywhere with moisture, and especially places where insects might live! Make sure the dust cover is made from a material that will protect your dress comprehensively. Most plastic covers are not effective when it comes to storing your wedding dress long term because plastic allow light to pass through which may cause your dress to fade. 

In addition to this, plastic stops moisture from escaping so mold might grow on the dress if you keep it in plastic for too long. Your dress needs to breathe, so keep that in mind when choosing a dress cover. 

If you are on a low budget, you can DIY a cover by using a large-sized bed sheet. Cut a hole the middle of the sheet big enough for your hangers to go through. This should be good for short term preservation, but if you intent to store the dress for years, it’s best to invest in a more secure container.  

Something else you probably haven’t considered is that hanging your dress by the straps could potentially damage your dress. Instead, use the hanging ribbons inside the dress. Make sure the weight of the dress is equally balanced while hanging with the ribbons. Choosing the right hanger is also important as many wedding gowns hold significant weight in them. 

Another way of storing your dress is putting it in an archival clothing storage box. These boxes are designed to protect your dress from sunlight and any chemicals that might destroy the delicate fabric. They contain acid-free tissues to help maintain the shape of the garment and keep fibers from breaking. These are the most common way people store their precious dress after their very special day, and the cost is not at all high in comparison the the price of the dress. You can usually pick up one of these special containers large enough to fit your dress for under $50. 

At the end of the day your wedding dress is a form of memorabilia. Something to treasure and pass down to future generations, and remind you of the memories that were made when you wore it. It is worth investing a bit of time and expense to make sure it stays in beautiful condition for the years and decades to come.