In today’s hectic world, with lockdowns, economic troubles, and civil unrest, families are under a lot of pressure. A high-stress lifestyle coupled with financial worries, addictions and domestic issues make it difficult for couples to cope at times. In these situations there is often little time for the warmth, compassion and support that relationships thrive on. The stress can cause resentment between partners as they take each other’s behaviour towards them personally.

If you find that your relationship has hit a rough patch lately then you might want to consider relationship therapy where both partners can discuss their problems in an open environment. Here you will be able to work through differences in a relaxed setting without being judged by others. If you feel that your relationship is heading for the rocks then you should seek out a counsellor to help repair your relationship before it is too late. A visit to a therapist is never ideal, but it’s far superior choice than a visit to a divorce lawyer.

The Benefits of Therapy

Marriage counselling can provide the space and time that partners need to work on their problems and improve communication skills. You should be able to take constructive criticism in stride knowing that your partner’s concerns are not related to an underlying dislike or resentment of yourself. By giving each other some ‘constructive feedback’, you will learn more about what makes your partner tick, which in turn, gives you an opportunity to become even closer than ever before. At times, couples may feel as if they are drifting apart but by meeting with a relationship counsellor they will be able to rediscover the attraction and intimacy that they shared at the beginning of their relationship.

In a healthy relationship, partners should always strive to give each other support in times of need. If you feel that your partner is not doing this for you then it could be time to seek out counselling. Whether it’s a family crisis or a job loss, your relationship has an important role to play in helping you through difficult situations that life throws at us from time to time. When couples are facing difficulties together, there is much less stress on individuals and family members as everyone rallies around each other in times of trouble. There will also be no option for one spouse to run away from his or her responsibilities by leaving home without having anyone to lean on for support.

If your relationship is already suffering from the effects of an affair or if one partner feels that he or she is not getting what he or she needs from their mate, then marriage counselling could be the answer. By bringing a third party into the situation, you will be able to discover and resolve existing problems with a neutral sounding board. You can also learn more about yourself in a judgement-free atmosphere where you no longer have to hide behind excuses and lies.

The Pedro Clavero Team Care

We’re not just here to help you plan and execute the best wedding day ever. We’re not just about designing the ultimate in fashion for your special event, or even only hanging around for the good times while they last. We realise that building relationships takes effort, compromise, and heart, and we’ll do whatever we can to assist the couples we work with to give it their best as well.

So often we hear stories of how a couple has been together for many years before realising that they don’t know much about each other’s goals, dreams, likes and dislikes. If couples enter into marriage or partnerships with such knowledge about each other, it walks on a strong foundation and is more likely to last. We hope that we can be a part of this with you.

If there’s ever anything we can do to assist your planning or wedding day, setting up a special event to celebrate a long partnership, or with any other relationship goals, don’t hesitate to contact us. You never know how far we may go to help you, our beloved clients and friends.