When it comes to wedding attire, the focus is often on the bride’s dress, but the groom’s outfit is equally important in setting the tone for the wedding day. Men’s wedding attire, especially suits and tuxedos, has evolved significantly, offering more options than ever to express personal style while adhering to the wedding theme. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest trends in men’s wedding suits and tuxedos, ensuring grooms look their best on their special day. 

Understanding the Wedding Dress Code

Before delving into the latest trends, it’s crucial to understand the wedding dress code. This can range from formal black tie to casual beach weddings, and each requires a different approach to men’s wedding attire. For formal weddings, a classic tuxedo or a black wedding suit is often the standard. Semi-formal or cocktail attire weddings allow for more flexibility, with options like a charcoal wedding suit or a navy blue suit. Casual weddings, such as beach or outdoor weddings, open the door to lighter fabrics and colors, like linen suits in light grey or beige. Understanding the dress code is the first step in choosing the right wedding suit or tuxedo. 

Trends in Wedding Suits for Different Seasons

The season of the wedding plays a significant role in selecting the appropriate men’s wedding suit. For spring or summer weddings, lighter fabrics like linen or light wool are popular choices. Colors like light grey, blue, or even pastel shades are fitting for the warmer months. Summer weddings, especially beach weddings, often call for more relaxed attire, with grooms opting for linen suits that offer both comfort and style. For fall and winter weddings, heavier fabrics like tweed or thicker wool are suitable. Darker colors like charcoal, navy, or even emerald green can add a touch of sophistication to a winter wedding outfit. 

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Custom Tailored Wedding Suits: A Growing Trend

A significant trend in men’s wedding attire is the rise of custom-tailored wedding suits. More grooms are choosing to have their wedding suits custom-made to ensure a perfect fit and to incorporate personal style elements. Custom suits allow for a high degree of personalization, from selecting the fabric and color to choosing specific details like the lapel style, buttons, and pocket square. A custom-tailored suit not only fits better but also reflects the groom’s unique style, making it a worthwhile investment for the wedding day. 

Men’s Wedding Attire

Modern Suits and Tuxedos: Breaking Tradition

While traditional attire remains popular, modern suits and tuxedos are gaining traction in men’s wedding fashion. These contemporary styles often feature slim-fit designs, unique color choices, and updated details like double-breasted jackets or patterned fabrics. For grooms looking to make a statement, options like a blue wedding suit or a patterned tweed suit can add personality to their wedding outfit. Modern tuxedos might play with different textures and colors, moving away from the classic black and white palette. These modern interpretations offer grooms the opportunity to stand out and add a personal touch to their wedding attire. 

Color Trends in Men’s Wedding Suits

Gone are the days when men’s wedding suits were confined to traditional black and grey. Today’s trends embrace a broader spectrum of colors. For a classic yet stylish look, navy and charcoal remain popular, offering a sophisticated alternative to black. For those looking to make a more daring statement, shades like royal blue, burgundy, and even emerald green are gaining popularity. These colors work exceptionally well for weddings with a vibrant color palette or for those looking to add a pop of personality to their attire. Lighter shades like beige and light grey are perfect for summer weddings, offering a fresh and airy feel that complements the season. 

The Resurgence of Vintage Styles

Vintage-inspired suits and tuxedos are making a comeback, offering a nod to the past with a modern twist. Double-breasted jackets, wide lapels, and pinstripe patterns are some of the vintage elements being reintegrated into modern wedding attire. These styles are particularly popular for grooms who want a timeless elegance with a hint of old-world charm. Tweed suits are also a great option for fall and winter weddings, providing both warmth and a classic, rustic look. Pairing these vintage styles with contemporary accessories can create a balanced and stylish wedding outfit. 

Men’s Wedding Attire

Accessorizing the Wedding Suit

Accessories play a crucial role in completing a groom’s wedding outfit. Ties and bow ties remain staples, with options ranging from classic black bow ties for formal events to patterned or colored ties for a more relaxed look. Pocket squares add a touch of sophistication and are a great way to incorporate the wedding’s color scheme. For formal weddings, cufflinks and a well-chosen watch can elevate the suit. When it comes to shoes, classic leather Oxfords or loafers are a safe bet. For beach or casual weddings, grooms might opt for less formal footwear like loafers or even stylish sandals. Remember, the key is to ensure that the accessories complement the suit and fit the overall theme of the wedding. 

Considerations for Groomsmen Attire

The groomsmen’s attire should complement the groom’s outfit while maintaining a cohesive look with the wedding party. A popular trend is having the groomsmen wear the same suit as the groom but with differentiating elements, such as a different tie or pocket square. For a more varied look, groomsmen can wear suits in the same fabric but in different styles or shades. This approach allows each groomsman to express their personal style while still aligning with the wedding’s overall aesthetic. It’s also essential to consider the comfort and budgets of the groomsmen; rental suits can be a cost-effective and convenient option. 


Men’s wedding attire has evolved far beyond the traditional black suit and tuxedo, offering grooms the opportunity to express their personal style while still respecting the formality of the occasion. From embracing color and vintage styles to accessorizing and coordinating groomsmen’s outfits, the options are endless. The key is to choose an outfit that not only looks great but also feels comfortable and appropriate for the wedding’s setting and theme. With these trends and tips in mind, grooms can confidently select their wedding attire, knowing they’ll look their best as they walk down the aisle.